Justin Bieber Stops His Show to Pray for Paris

Often criticized for his “bad boy” behavior, Justin Bieber stops his tour to pray for the victims of November 13th.

The infamous “bad boy” has been making headlines lately for something unusual for young heart throbs, his faith. Justin has been spending time with pastors and members of Hillsong as he works to rebuild his faith and reputation.

Justin admitted he’d reached a place where he felt,Empty. Lost. Like I didnt know myself. He said he was constantly battling the thoughts of, Youre not good enough. People hate you. You try too hard. In an interview with Billboard magazine he said,Enough with the Justin Bieber Show. I want to veer away from the self-centered attitude. His interview even led to Justin inviting the journalist to church with him.

While touring to promote the release of his latest album, Bieber learned of the bombings in Paris. He brought his friend and pastor Judah Smith on to the stage and that’s when Justin did something no one would have believed just a few months ago. Justin prayed.

God is capable of anything. In a world full of darkness He is the light that brings hope and purpose. We pray the people of Paris and all the other tragedies all over the world feel His hope while they grieve.

It’s beautiful to see the renown rebel pop star get back in touch with his Christian roots.

Watch this captivating rendition of “Waves of Grace” performed by a much younger Bieber.His childlike faith returning in yet another ‘wave of grace’ is further proof that God never stops pursuing us with his endless mercies…

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