21 Marriage Memes That Are So Accurate it Hurts!

It’s the age-old question that everyone wants an answer to: “What’s the secret to a long-lasting marriage?”

Some might tell you something corny, like “Happy wife, happy life.” Others may get sappy and say, “We never go to bed angry.” But let’s be real here. A successful and fulfilling marriage is founded on one thing: Jesus, followed closely by an extreme lack of personal space, going in circles about dinner plans, and texting each other from two separate bathrooms.

Marriage is my favorite. And while many may warn you against the old “ball and chain,” I highly recommend a shift in perspective.

Still, as wonderful as marriage is, there are a few day-to-day things that make it all the more enjoyable. You won’t find these in a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Check out these 21 Marriage Memes that are so accurate it hurts!! 

1. In marriage, you learn who’s boss REAL fast.

2. As the years go by, they all meld together…

3. It doesn’t take much to know you married UP.

4. Marriage is like a deck of cards…

5. Every time he tries to be sweet:

6. You know you’re married when:  

7. The sacrifice is REAL. So is the confusion.

8. Sometimes in marriage, all it takes is a little tough love…

9. It’s the little things…Like Joanna Gaines and Pizza. 

10. Basically, your lives are spent preparing for the next meal. 

11. On occasion, it may feel like a Ron Howard film. 

12. And other times, it’s a competition of comedic endeavors. 

13. You find creative ways to compromise…

14. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder…

15. Or different bathrooms.

Why is there only ever one toilet??

16. Every. Single. Time. 

17. A typical morning routine:

18. As much as you plan for the next meal, very little time is spent actually eating. 

19. Every marriage hits a rough patch–usually about the same time of year. 

20. But every good wife has a strong comeback game:

21. Seeking words of affirmation like: 


In between planning the meals and battling separation anxiety, marriage is mostly just making random faces and blaming your farts on one another. It doesn’t matter what you do in this life, but who you do it with. Do life with God and your person, and I promise you’ll live happy as a clam.

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