Unreligious Man Dies & Meets God During Surgery, Then Asks “Whats the Meaning of Life?”

On August 16, 2005, Richard met God during what he can only describe as an out-of-body experience. He previously described himself as someone who was unreligious and had doubts about God.

“I had never been what I would call ‘religious,’” Richard said in opening his testimony. “I’ve always believed that there was a god and I believed that there was a Jesus, but I’ve had doubts. I’ve been a doubter before.”

“I’m no longer that,” he added, before detailing the miraculous near-death experience that brought him to his knees and closer to God than ever before.

Though Richard was told by doctors he’d have a 50/50 chance of coming out of the emergency surgery that had to be done after his aneurysm, he later discovered he only had a 10 percent chance of survival.

Well, Richard was in that fortunate 10-percent, and now lives to tell the tale of what it really feels like to be wrapped in the arms of the Almighty after he flatlined dead for a whole hour-and-a-half.

God asked Richard if he had any questions for Him, and the only thing that came to the now 72-year-old after much contemplation was “What is the meaning of life?”

Richard ended up getting his answer in the most unexpected way, and his awe-inspiring testimony is sure to bring you to tears along with him.

Watch his emotional testimony in the video below:  


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